ChicoBag Reusable Facewear
ChicoBag Reusable Facewear
ChicoBag Reusable Facewear
ChicoBag Reusable Facewear
ChicoBag Reusable Facewear

ChicoBag Reusable Facewear

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The #1 role of a facemask is to prevent the spread of germs. So how do you know if yours is functioning properly? An effective mask like our 2-Layer Face Mask prevents COVID-19 particles from entering your nose and mouth or exiting onto those around you. If they can’t get in or out, the mask is doing its job.

By choosing a reusable face mask instead of a disposable one, you’re doing your job to help keep others safe and protect the planet.


  • Replaces 547 single-use masks throughout its life
  • PFE rating of 72% at 0.3 microns
  • Snug fit to improve safety and breathability
  • Flexible anti-fog metal nose bridge removes a common air gap found in lower-quality masks
  • Adjustable ear loops and optional ear-saver prevent irritation and discomfort.
  • Includes containment pouch with carabiner
  • Tested and certified to EU standards for community facemasks
  • Machine wash and hang to dry

Layer Materials:

  • Inside Layer: Made of soft, upcycled woven cotton
  • Outer Layer: 100% knitted polyester


  • Mask: 5.75” x 11.5” (14.6cm x 29.2cm)
  • Pouch: 5.5” x 5.7”(14cm x 14.5cm)

We’re proud to partner with TR[1]BE to save the rainforest. We protect 5 trees and 100 sq.m of rainforest from destruction with every order placed on our website.

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Chicobag’s mission is to provide a solution to reduce single-use plastics and support the waste reduction culture.

Founded in 2004 by Andy Keller, who, after taking a trip to a local dump, was horrified by the amount of single-use bags that lined the landscape. Inspired to make a difference, Andy bought a second hand sewing machine and began sewing the first ChicoBag reusable bag.

Now with a wide range of items from bottle slings, shopping bags, snack bags, bamboo utensils and facemasks.

To identify products made from recycled materials, Chicobag uses rePETe, a trademarked term containing certified Repreve fabric which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. 

In addition, many of the Chicobag range have other recycled components like carabiners, cording and cord locks. All rePETe products have a materials statement that lists each component used on either the inside of the bag, back of the pouch, or both.

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