Are you running to make a difference this June?

Are you running to make a difference this June?

This June is MyMarathon Month. This fantastic event encourages people to take on 26.2 miles (a marathon) their own way, over the course of the month. All of this in the name of charity! Runners, joggers and walkers alike are also encouraged to raise money for life saving research into heart and circulatory diseases.

To many (us included), completing 26.2 miles might seem like a very daunting prospect… Mo Farrah may have made it look easy when he completed the Chicago marathon in 2 hours 5 minutes, but the rest of us would be grateful to make it to the finish line. Even better with both feet still fully intact!

MyMarathon offers an inclusive approach for everyone to take part in a way which best suits their ability. Whether you want to get it over and done with in a day or split it up across a few. Walking, jogging or running - do what works for you!

However you choose to take your marathon, any extra support or kit which makes things easier is an absolute must. Whilst a good pair of shoes might go a long way, what about the rest of your kit? - We can help you with that…

Thirsty work quenched by Vapur Drinkware

Nobody likes to run with a heavy, bulky rucksack, but running or walking any kind of distance can be thirsty work. Our solution is the fantastic reusable water bottle from Vapur, designed to stand when full but also can be conveniently rolled, folded and tucked away in pockets or packs when empty.

Sustainable, BPA-free plastic water bottles are freezable and dishwasher safe (and suitable for carrying wine). Perfect for staying hydrated in everyday life post-marathon too!

Light your way with our Princeton Tec head torches

Whether you’re fitting in a quick early morning run before work or a few kilometres at the end of the day, a head torch is a great source of confidence. Stay safe and avoid injury with the right ‘tec’ lighting the way!

Our Princeton Tec head torches are lightweight  and come in a variety of styles and colours. They also offer a number of different light settings, with an easy skip through system so you can adjust the light beam whilst wearing gloves and without having to remove it from your head.

Fueling on the go with our Klean Kanteen food canisters

Did you know during a marathon, an uptake of roughly 60grams of carbohydrate per hour can dramatically help your performance? However, it’s important to practise eating on the run before you complete your marathon so your body can get used to it.

Why not upgrade your lunch box for delicious food on the go. Not only are our stainless steel Klean Kanteen food storage products durable, leak proof and spill proof,  but they are also vacuum insulated to keep your meal as fresh as when you left the house (which could have been a few hours before!)

Products made to last

Designed with durability in mind, these products are made to last the distance. So you can keep using your water bottle everyday for work. Keep your headtorch around the house in case of a powercut. And use your food canisters for a picnic!

See our website for our full list of products available and get ready to put one foot in front of the other for a good cause this June.