Preparing for National Picnic Month

Preparing for National Picnic Month

We’re celebrating National Picnic Month this month and trying to answer the all important question…why does food taste so much better when eaten outside?

It’s easy to get picnics mixed up with packed lunches, but actually there’s a berry (pardon the pun) big difference between the two.

A packed lunch often consists of a rushed sandwich, piece of fruit, chocolate biccy and packet of crips thrown into a bag quickly and eaten (rather squashed) halfway through the day on a lunch break at work or school.

A picnic, on the other hand, is made with love.  Carefully curated with a great day out in mind, exploring somewhere new or perhaps celebrating a rare appearance of sunshine and warmth in the UK. Not just a cheaper alternative to a meal out, for many families, sitting on a soft blanket in a beautiful location and sharing out tasty treats creates precious memories which will be remembered far more than any cafe or restaurant.

So why does food taste so good outside? We think its because of  these essentials…

Proper Ice cold beverages

Homemade Lemonade, Ice cold squash or even just a refreshing drink of water sounds great right? But far too often, after a busy morning exploring, drinks are lukewarm and disappointing.

Klean Kanteen bottles are the solution. Our insulated bottles have double wall vacuum insulation which can keep the contents iced up up to 38 hours.

Why not share your ice cold drinks with family and friends using our indestructible stainless steel cups. Made to last, these will become a picnic essential for many year to come.

Delicious food for all the family

Of course, an essential on a picnic is the food. But this doesn’t have to be just your average sandwich.

Why not make your own homemade sausage rolls, caesar salad or tuna pasta - the opportunities are endless when using Klean Kanteen stainless steal packed lunch boxes. Leakproof and durable you don’t need to worry about spillages on your adventures and the food will be just as fresh as when you put it in. 

Our Klean Kanteen Food box sets have the perfect small container for dips like humous. Paired with strips of pitta bread, carrot and cucumber this is a great, healthy snack and always goes down well with the kids.

The extra bits which really make it count

Often cutlery is the barrier to having tasty food. It’s not easy to eat tuna pasta if you don’t have a fork or even a spoon. 

Don’t turn up at your picnic unprepared. Our To-Go Ware bamboo utensil sets are so easy to pop into your bag and wash and re-use again. They take up such little space that it is a no brainer for each member of the family to have their own, so no-one is getting upset about having to share or forgetting their spoon.

And finally, don’t forget a comfortable blanket. Choose a great location and spread it out so that there is enough room for everyone to sit on it and enjoy their meal.

Make the most of these gorgeous sunny days and celebrate National Picnic Month with us.

See our picnicware collection for more information about all of our fantastic products.