Described as climbing into a cosy wearable sleeping bag onesie yet still being able to move around.

A Selk'bag is an insulated full body suit made of sleeping bag material with arms, legs and a hood.

Created in 2009 and inspired by the Selk,nam people in Patagonia. A spirit and energy that motivated the team to create this unique, cosy, and warm piece of gear so you can use it on the go or at rest - wherever adventure takes you next.

Crafted with 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics, insulation and zippers. A synthetic insulation made up of tiny circular clusters of fibre that mimic the properties of down clusters to keep you nice and toasty for when you’re on the go and whilst sleeping.

Suitable for use outdoors in the UK at any time of the year. This finish provides coating protection, making it repellent against water and stain resistant. With non-detachable hoods, large kangaroo pockets, elasticated hand openings, removable booties and practical dual zippers cleverly placed for quick access! Enables you to stay warm, dry and its extremely comfortable.