Selk'bag Lite Recycled Black Terracotta Sleeping Bag Suit

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The Selk'bag Lite wearable sleeping bag is designed to be as adventurous as you are. Now made with 100% recycled materials, and with colours inspired by landscapes from Northern Patagonia, Chile.

Experience maximum cosiness and mobility while enjoying your favourite activities.

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We’re proud to partner with TR[1]BE to save the rainforest. We protect 5 trees and 100 sq.m of rainforest from destruction with every order placed on our website.

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Lite Recycled

Lite Recycled Features

Other Cool Features

Hollow Fibre Insulation

Synthetic insulation made up of tiny circular clusters of fibre that mimic the properties of down clusters, keep you toast on the go or while sleeping.

Soft Polyester Shell

Super soft polyester shell and lining

100% Recycled Materials

153 discarded plastic bottles are recycled into polyester fibres to produce each bag, taking a meaningful step toward more sustainable production.


Shell: 100% post-consumer Recycled Polyester

Lining: 100% post-consumer Recycled Polyester

Insulation: One-layer synthetic 100% post-consumer Recycled Hollow-Fibre Insulation


Small: 2.11 lb / 0.96 kg

Medium: 2.58 lb / 1.17 kg

Large: 2.88 lb / 1.31 kg

X-Large: 3.32 lb / 1.51 kg

Temp. Ratings

Comfort: 55° F / 13°C

Limit: 48° F / 9°C

Indoor Lounging

Spring and Summer Camping

Machine Washable

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