Clip & Carry SwissQlip®
Clip & Carry SwissQlip®

Clip & Carry SwissQlip®

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A patent pending stainless steel pocket clip engineered to fit on most 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knives.

At Clip & Carry they believe that your tool should be comfortable to carry and easily accessible, so they've spent countless hours designing the perfect pocket clip that can easily attach to most 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife models.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length (full): 2.25"
  • Length (carry): 2.2"
  • Width (clip): 0.42"
  • Width (top): 0.71"
  • Depth (top): 0.4"
  • Compatible with:
        - Victorinox Angler
        - Victorinox Camper
        - Victorinox Climber
        - Victorinox Cybertool (& Cybertool Lite)
        - Victorinox Explorer
        - Victorinox Fieldmaster
        - Victorinox Fisherman
        - Victorinox Handyman
        - Victorinox Hiker
        - Victorinox Huntsman (& Huntsman Lite)
        - Victorinox Mountaineer
        - Victorinox Ranger
        - Victorinox Spartan (& Spartan Lite)
        - Victorinox Swiss Champ
        - Victorinox Tinker (& Cybertool Lite, Super Tinker)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Attaches in under 1 minute with a phillips head screw

NOTE: Some older production pieces will not fit the SwissQlip. The keyring hole must be on the left side and in the first space between the handle and 1st liner.

We’re proud to partner with TR[1]BE to save the rainforest. We protect 5 trees and 100 sq.m of rainforest from destruction with every order placed on our website.

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Clip & Carry

Clip & Carry offer a range of pocket sheaths for keeping your multitools in good condition and that can be attached to your belt

Founded in 2019, each product is handcrafted by USA military veterans.  Every sheath is constructed with a durable Kydex material, a heavy duty nylon material and offers a range of colours and sizes to suit your multipurpose tools. 

Just travelling or working with your trusty Swiss Army knife? Clip & Carry have designed the world’s first attachable pocket clip, the SwissQlip. After endless hours of design this perfect pocket clip will attach to any of the Swiss Army knives in the 91mm range, offering a comfortable and easily accessible carry.

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