Light My Fire MayaSticks Small Bundle
Light My Fire MayaSticks Small Bundle

Light My Fire MayaSticks Small Bundle

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Keep the fire burning with MayaSticks from Light My Fire. Packaged in a burnable paper bag, they’re made from 100% natural Pinus montezumae ethically sourced from Honduras. Easy to light, even when wet, they produce an intense heat output. And they smell great! The high concentration of natural resin in the wood ensures a long-lasting flame that's perfect for grilling, camping or cosying up by the fireplace. With every refill, you're supporting a business that plants two trees for every stump harvested, provides jobs and education for local communities and reduces overall waste by utilising leftover stumps.


  • 100% natural, resin-soaked fire starters
  • Water-resistant, reliable and easy to light
  • Hot, slow-burning flame
  • 1 small bundle includes 2-3 Sticks
  • Made in Honduras

We’re proud to partner with TR[1]BE to save the rainforest. We protect 5 trees and 100 sq.m of rainforest from destruction with every order placed on our website.

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Light My Fire

Think Wild. Eat Civilised.

From family grills in city gardens to cooking on the peaks of mountain ranges, Light My Fire's dream remains the same: To enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, to think of generations to come, to encourage the exploration of forgotten skills and to rediscover, the art of fire.

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