Opinel Beechwood Kitchen Knife Block - Holds 5 Knives

Opinel Beechwood Kitchen Knife Block - Holds 5 Knives

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The Opinel knife block, with a unique, practical and elegant design.

The Opinel 5-knife block (1 small blade + 4 big blades) calls to mind the rectangles of wood used to make Opinel knife handles.

It features a simple, pure design made of beechwood. The slots are cut all the way through to facilitate cleaning, and blades are protected.

Ideal for storing the Opinel Les Forgés 1890, Intempora and Parallèle Collections.

Features silicone pads on the base to protect the countertop.

Dimensions: 101 x 230 x 116 mm

Please note: Knives are not included

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Originated as a ‘working man’s knife’, now a unique and timeless household object passed through generation to generation.

Invented by Joseph Opinel in 1890, a then budding photographer based in the Savoie region of France with a passion for new machines and innovative technologies.

The Opinel knife was created for its simplicity, robustness and functionality.  Over 130 years later, this distinctive wooden-handle knife has a range of accessories and blades available to suit your lifestyle, whether that's kitchen use, outdoor foresting or extreme adventures.

The beech wood handle is a tribute to the pocket knife's traditional design. Used as a paring knife, a serrated knife, a peeler and a vegetable knife.  

If your use is for extreme terrain and weather conditions, there is also a polymer handle to guarantee good resistance to water and very high temperatures.

The Opinel knife is a design icon, remaining unchanged for over a century. Opinel was recognised by the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1985 as one of the 100 best designed items in the world.

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