Petromax Catago Box 50
Petromax Catago Box 50
Petromax Catago Box 50
Petromax Catago Box 50

Petromax Catago Box 50

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This transport bag for cookware and camping stoves is specially designed for campers who often travel with large drawers or cupboards and want to store their equipment compactly.

With robust side walls and a waterproof, sturdy base, the size of the bag is based on the format of the Euroboxes. The flexible adjustable divider enables the safe and secure transport of various equipment in the bag, whether it’s a camping cooker with cookware, food, or a percolator with a lid.

The side carrying handles make lifting the bag easy, and it can also be carried by two people. Additionally, the shoulder strap provides added comfort and caters to the diverse needs of campers who enjoy exploring new places while carrying versatile equipment.

Benefits of the Catago Box 50:

  • Premium storage solution for Atago Gas Grill, Camping Stove or Dimego Cookware
  • Size based on Euroboxes
  • Waterproof bottom and sturdy
  • Flexible partition and ample storage space
  • Side carry handles


  • Dimensions: 27 x 50 x 38cm
  • Weight: 3.3kg

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