Petromax Insert for Atago Griddle Plate

Petromax Insert for Atago Griddle Plate

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The Petromax Insert is the perfect addition to provide even more variety and characteristic grill stripes during grilling a la plancha on the Atago Griddle Plate. It fits easily into the Griddle Plate or the Cooking Support and adds further functions to your Atago Griddle Plate. While it also ensures that you can place food safely in the middle of the Griddle Plate, it serves as a mini grilling grate and a safe surface for Dutch Ovens and Fire Skillets in the Cooking Support. The Insert for the Atago Griddle Plate creates typical grill stripes on steak, fillet, and vegetables, while roast potatoes or fried eggs fry on the plancha at the same time. That way, you can prepare a crispy side dish, a savoury barbecue sauce or a starter soup with strong soup ingredients at the same time as sizzling your food on the Griddle Plate. In addition, the Insert for the Atago Griddle Plate can serve as a safe place for your cookware while you continue grilling on the plancha.

With your BBQ and Coal Tongs, you can easily lift the Insert from the Cooking Support or from the Atago Griddle Plate. Then add charcoal or wood through the opening in the middle of the plate or Cooking Support. The Petromax Insert enhances the Atago Griddle Plate with an additional possibility to cook on the Griddle Plate and allows you to prepare safely placed grilled food with typical grill stripes.


  • Characteristic grill stripes during plancha grilling with the Petromax Insert for the Atago Griddle Plate made in Germany
  • Stable and tilt-proof storage for pot, pan or percolator directly over the flames
  • Coordinated preparation of sauce, soup, pan dish or coffee during grilling
  • Safe placement in the middle: food stays on the Griddle Plate
  • Exact fit for the opening in the Atago Griddle Plate and optimal combination with the Petromax Cooking Support for the Atago Griddle Plate

Technical Details:

Material: Steel, oiled
Dimension (approx.) (H x W x D): 10.9 x 10.9 x 1.2 cm
135 g

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