Petromax Pack of 2 Lid Spacers for Dutch Ovens
Petromax Pack of 2 Lid Spacers for Dutch Ovens
Petromax Pack of 2 Lid Spacers for Dutch Ovens
Petromax Pack of 2 Lid Spacers for Dutch Ovens

Petromax Pack of 2 Lid Spacers for Dutch Ovens

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After a day spent around the campfire preparing sweet and savory dishes in the Dutch Oven, the Lid Spacers allow the Cast-iron Dutch Ovens to be well ventilated and stacked. The spacers keep the Dutch Ovens open, which ensures excellent air circulation. Therefore, even the smallest drops of water can dry optimally in the fine-pored surface and there’s no chance of the development of odors and rust. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your Dutch Ovens for many years, as they last a long time and do not need to be re-seasoned. 

The Lid Spacers are not only suitable for any Dutch Oven size, but also for the Petromax Loaf Pans and saucepans.

After cleaning your Dutch Ovens, you can load them into your car or van to save space, because with the Lid Spacers you can stack them on top of each other without compromising air circulation.

If you don't need the Lid Spacers because your Dutch Oven is hanging over the fire, you can use them as coasters for small, light Petromax products. The Teakettle tk0.8 and all enamel products find their safe place here and, in this way, you can protect the base.

The Lid Spaces made of high quality bamboo can be effortlessly cleaned with hot water.

The Petromax Lid Spacer for Dutch Ovens (2 pieces) helps to extend the life of your Dutch Ovens, Loaf Pans and saucepans and guarantees long-lasting cooking pleasure by allowing air circulation, stacking and rust prevention.


  • Versatile: suitable for all Dutch Ovens and cast-iron moulds with lids
  • Space between the Dutch Oven and lid: optimal ventilation and prevention of rusting
  • Stackable: Dutch ovens remain in position and can be safely stored on top of each other to save space
  • Practical trivet: for the Teakettle tk0.8 and all enamel products from Petromax
  • Made of bamboo: light weight and small pack size - fits in any Dutch Oven Transport Bag or backpack

Technical Details:

Material: Bamboo
Dimensions per spacer (approx.) (H x W x D): 3 x 16.7 x 4 cm
Dimensions with packaging (approx.) (H x W x D): 16.5 x 21 x 4 cm
Weight (approx.): 74.5 g
Weight with packaging (approx.): 84.5 g

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