Princeton Tec Refuel 300 LED Head Torch
Princeton Tec Refuel 300 LED Head Torch
Princeton Tec Refuel 300 LED Head Torch

Princeton Tec Refuel 300 LED Head Torch

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The Princeton Tec Refuel is best known for its simplicity and being extremely user-friendly. With only one mode, a dimmable white flood beam, now operating at 300 lumens, Refuel is easily and intuitively activated, deactivated, and dimmed with a single large, easy-to-find button. With its asymmetrical single arm bracket, the headlamp is effortlessly positioned to direct light wherever needed. Refuel also has an extremely easy-open battery door thanks to its larger lip, making battery swaps more painless then ever. The light is also very compact as the smallest of Princeton Tec's 3 AAA headlamps at 78 grams, perfect for situations with limited pack space.


Power: 300 Lumens
Lamp: 4 Ultrabright white LEDs
Burn Time: 85 Hours
Batteries: 3 AAA Alkaline (included)
Weight: 2.8oz / 78g with batteries
Water Resistant: IPX4 (splashing water)


Modes: Run Time Distance
Flood High: Run Time: 2h
Reserve: 30h
Flood Low: Run Time: 85h
Reserve: 15h

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Princeton Tec

Tried and tested lights to help you go further, higher and faster.

Founded in 1975, with an aim to provide a selection of personal lighting products for daily necessity, whether you’re a backpacker, runner, rock climber or firefighter. 

Originated by Bill Stephens, an ocean dive fanatic and inventor of the industry’s first automotive dive timer, named the Bottom Timer.  Now offering a selection of lanterns, marker lights and head torches that are reliable, durable and shine bright in every situation.

Such as:

The Helix Lantern was introduced in the early 2000s, a first-of-its-kind lantern that hangs, sits, dims, collapses, and glows in the dark.

In 2015, the Sync waterproof head torch celebrated the Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice Award. With a single arm bracket and dial interface users can control a red LED, spot beam and flood beam with a simple power dial working with gloves or bare hands.

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