Whitby Replacement Burner for Hand Warmer

Whitby Replacement Burner for Hand Warmer

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When you’ve used your Whitby Hand Warmer time and time again to keep those hands toasty, you can purchase a replacement burner, so you never have to be without it.

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    Whitby Knives

    Whitby Knives have formed a vital part of the outdoor enthusiast’s equipment since 1961.

    Founded in Kendal by Major Aubrey Whitby, he started with a small range of Italian made pocket knives and kitchen woodware items which were mainly aimed at the hunting and shooting market.

    Now headed by the Griffiths family the range of products offered has since grown to include multiple knives designed and manufactured under the ‘Whitby Knives’ name which remains at the core of the overall Whitby & Co brand.

    Each product is developed with Major Whitby’s axiom of ‘Quality, Value and Service’ in mind, to provide a range of knives, pouches, sharpening tools, scissors and shears. 

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